Intensive Outpatient program

Our Program is offered in a 3-Phase Structure:

Initial Treatment Phase (Phase I)- Meet three sessions per week for 2 hour per session for 6 weeks.

Continuing Care Phase (Phase II)- Meet one session per week for 1-two hour session per week.

During the Initial Treatment Phase the Individual will benefit from: 

•Psycho-education lectures 

•Group counseling

•Individual counseling 

•Family counseling 

•Family group treatment sessions 

•Random drug screenings 

•Attendance at self-help meeting such as Alcoholics Anonymous 

•Individual progress and exit planning session

For Scheduling at ANY Location Please Call: 


Awareness & Discovery Group’s Intensive Outpatient program is most appropriate for an individual who lives and works in the community while attending treatment. This is the treatment option recommended for the person who:

  -Is motivated to recover from alcohol and/or other drug abuse or addiction.

  -May have completed residential or in-patient treatment but needs additional support in the early stages of recovery.

Our Intensive Outpatient Program is a positive, innovative family-based treatment model offering quality chemical dependency services. Participants are assigned to a primary counselor and case manager who will follow them through their treatment with us. Our program is presented in a non-judgmental manner utilizing clinically accepted best practices.

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